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It has long been observed that music has a mysterious power over our minds. People listen to music when they work out, and they listen to music when they’re relaxing. They listen to music when they’re happy, and they listen to music when they’re sad. Only recently has science begun to delve more deeply into the reasons why music has such a powerful effect.

One of the most interesting results of a study by a company by the name of MusicWorks was that music assists greatly in productivity in the workplace. Each genre of music affects different parts of the mind. So classical music helps deal with numbers or detail oriented work such as spell checking. Pop music works best for meeting a deadline, and ambient music is best for problem solving professions.

These results are not an urban myth or speculative fiction, but are rooted in hard science. Music increases people’s endurance by keeping them awash with strong emotions. The brain responds with the release of dopamine upon hearing pleasurable music, and leaves the subject feeling happy and energized. If the subject identifies strongly with the lyrics, the song becomes even more motivational and productive.

So how do you take advantage of this psychological preference to increase your level of energy and creativity?

Here are some ways that could be useful:

1. Keep a playlist handy that contains all your favorite songs and update it frequently with new discoveries.

2. Understand the different emotions you feel in response to individual songs, and use them accordingly.

3. Keep separate playlists for each of your individual activities such as working out, attending to a job or relaxing.

4. Add dancing to your music sessions, since dancing has been shown to increase energy and promote a positive frame of mind.

5. Learn the lyrics and sing along to the songs you like. Don’t worry about your voice, but allow your mind to sink completely into a musical frame of mind.

The importance of music is also apparent in the high pressure world of the business world, and many of the world’s best business coaches have agreed on it’s many advantages. Music induces a relaxed state of mind that helps battle against anxiety and depression. In the end, music is just one of the methods of life enrichment that life coaches can introduce you to.There are several other types of self improvement techniques that are used in the world of business and life coaching that can be found at here.

Business Coaching in Canada | Australia | USA | Canada | New Zealand

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