Laughter is the Best Medicine

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There is no doubt that laughter is the best medicine.
When you watch a comedy show or hear jokes with some of your close friends, you will be doing a good thing to your health.

Today we want to look at the health benefits of laughter.

Provides you with internal workout.

Laughter is considered as the simplest and most effective workout that anyone can embrace. A good belly laugh will work out your diaphragm, respiratory system and abdomen among other body parts leaving you more fit. This is the reason why muscles become more relaxed as well as calm after you have had good laughter. During heavy laughter, you will take deep breathes that are going to assist you unclog your airways as well as enhance on inhalation and intake of oxygen.

Reduce stress.

Laughter has been proven to be an amazing stress reliever. It helps in decreasing your level of stress hormones including epinephrine and cortisol among others. At the same time, it will assist in increasing the health enhancing hormones found in your body. In addition, it offers you with a complete workout to your body as well as stimulates the circulation of blood to different parts of the body. The next time you feel stressed, ensure that you watch a comedy show and you will be good.

Improved sleep quality

If you are experiencing sleep difficulties then it is high time to watch more comedy and listen to hilarious stories. Laughter will make your body to generate more melatonin, a hormone released by the hormone brain that assists in promoting good sleep.

Fight depression

People suffering from season depression disorder can use laughter to counter the same. Laughing helps to reduce stress related hormones and then replaces them with hormones that will make you feel good. This implies that laughter will create a positive state of mind thereby reducing your chances of succumbing to depression.

Boosts your immune system

People who spend most of their time laughing have better immune systems that those who do not. Laughing protects you from various health issues such as heart attack, cancer and stroke just to mention a few of them. Instead of waiting until you are admitted in hospital, look for more comedy films to boost your immunity.

Laughter has numerous benefits to the human body. Individuals who laugh for hours have better immune system, less depressed and have lower levels of stress.

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