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There are lots of coaches out there, and you need to you know how to hire one. Selecting the right coach is a crucial process. Before you decide on which coaches to interview, go to their website if they have one and get a feel for the coach. Read articles in the archives of the website. It will help you to understand where the coach is coming from and if his/her values align with yours. The following are the fundamental questions to ask a coach during interview:

Question 1 – What was your greatest success as a coach?

You want to know what single thing they consider to be their ‘showcase’ of success. If you listen, carefully you will hear some valuable information. You may hear how they helped a client, and it was because of them that the client did so well. The key thing is to listen to what you are looking for.

Question 2 – How will you know if I am compatible with your style of training?

This one throws them for a loop because most coaches are pretty sure that, if you do not succeed, it’s not their fault. Either you let yourself down, didn’t follow the program or some other reason than themselves. Again the key is to listen to the response.

Question 3 – What are the rule or guidelines for communicating between sessions?

You may learn quickly the philosophy they have when it comes to your success. If you are working with a coach and you are putting the training into practice, real world application and something comes up out of nowhere; it would only make good relationship sense that you could call and ask for some guidance at that very moment. That is a rule you have to discuss in detail with your coach to learn how you both would deal with that situation.

During your first session, take special notice of the following:

1· How open and welcoming is the coach?

2· Do you feel listened to?

3· Is the coach tracking with you and showing interest in your situation?

4· Do you feel a personal fit with the coach?

5· Does the coach sound confident and knowledgeable?

6· Did the coach you or just answer your questions?

Everyone needs a coach who confronts him when they hear mixed messages, one who can be strong when you are not feeling too strong, and one who will ask questions that will help you explore deeply held ideas, beliefs, and values. You have to be very comfortable with your coach to get into discussions like these.

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Executive Coaching China | Japan | UK | New Zealand | USA | Canada | Australia

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