Focus Produces Results

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Every human being is capable of extraordinary achievement. Any organization, any institution, any group of people has the ability to impact, redefine and reshape reality for countless individuals and untold generations. We are competent, creative, hopeful and expectant beings yet too often we fail to live up to our potential. Why?

Unfortunately the truth is, given our vast intellectual capabilities, our innate skills and talents, and an inherent capacity for social cohesion rarely seen in the biological word, the results we are most adept at producing are excuses – reasons for why we didn’t, why we don’t, and why we can’t.

Focus Produces Results

The power of focus is results oriented. Some people center in on the process, but focus centers on the results of the entire project. If you worry about how many phone calls you have to make, or people you need to see, then you will never get off first base and begin to prospect and turn leads into prospects and then into customers.

What is driving you? Do you desire to gain wealth through a successful home based business or brick and mortar business? Are you wishing to be independently wealthy? Are you seeking more time with your family, before everyone grows up? What are the results you desire for your life, your business, your family?

The power of focus says that the results are worth. Focus does not count the cost (the process) but is determined to pay the price for the achievement of the goal. Focus takes hard work. Focus means remaining with the task when others want to play. Focus does not mean giving up. Focus does not mean jumping after the next great fad. Focus means a 2, 3 and 5 year or more commitment. The power of focus is most assuredly outcome driven. The outcome is what is most important (outside of integrity and honesty.)

Outcome driven success is a step by step process. To have a successful business will mean that you have a succession of small wins. You eat the elephant one bite at a time and you are successful in your business one small victory after another. It does not happen overnight, but day after day after day of small consistent victories and wins can bring a great result.

Often the problem for most people is a focus that is broken. They lose their focus, their drive, their consistent movement toward the one result that they have dreamed and planned and worked for. They get side-tracked and forget what result they want and begin to focus on how to get to that result. You focus when you commit yourself to one goal. You focus when you never quit. You focus when you manage your time so that your commitment is clear. Nothing gets in the way of the goal, time-wise.

The power of focus means that you begin. Too many people never get started. They have the idea. They have the desire. They have the dream. But they never get started. They never leave the starting line and the dream never happens. The idea never comes to fruition. For more info on focus don’t hesitate to contact Brian.

So what about you? Do you really want to succeed? Do you have the results in your focus? Is it pin-point clear? Have you started, even though you do not have it all together? Have you begun, even though the path is not always totally clear?

Grab hold of your idea. Hold on to your dream. Get started today!


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