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Executive Coach New Zealand | UK | USA | Australia | USA | Canada | Japan | China

A program for Senior Executives to further develop their skills, confidence and techniques to ensure that they stay at the top of their game.  A strong emphasis on team building, time management, and creating outstanding results.  Your bosses and board of directors are not interested in excuses, they only care about results.  I will ensure that you achieve results that surpass your company’s expectations.

Executive Coaching

As an outside perspective I offer the most effective mentorship because I am not invested in the company, I am invested in you, your results, and your success as a leader.


  • Exploration of new models of leadership
  • How to deal with employees who refuse to retire
  • How to utilize talents from different generations and experiences
  • Explore and implement new models of company communication
  • Building personal relationships with your employees (in a time effective way)
  • Learn to command respect and loyalty
  • Learn how to manage your boss
  • Learn how to create a vision for your company and your role within it
  • Create an environment of harmony
  • How to sell your aspirations
  • Learn how to evolve as a leader with changing regulatory requirements
  • Methods for identifying talent within your organization
  • Succession planning and training for your job so that you can get promoted
  • Networking skills
  • Understanding your company’s financials
  • How to manage chaos
  • Negotiation Skills Building
  • Learn to lead a company transformation
  • Develop innovative ideas and execute them successfully
  • Identify and further develop your leadership style
  • How to appropriately invest in your biggest asset – your employees
  • How to utilize your employees in the most effective way
  • Learn to be more authentic, visible and trustworthy

Executive Coaching NZ | Japan | China | UK | Canada | Australia | USA