9 Ways To Create An Attitude of Gratitude

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There is no better way to move forward in life apart from cultivating an attitude of gratitude.

Gratitude has the potential to make a very difficult situation manageable and light; turn your enemy into your friends; cause you to be accepted where you were rejected; and give you access to streams of favor and love. In fact a life that is void of gratitude can rob you of so many good things.

In life, things doesn’t always work out as planned. Your reaction in different situations especially during struggle can bring out the best in you. Instead of wallowing and complaining when things go wrong, why not acknowledge and appreciate those things in your life that are going well. Endeavor to always give thanks whenever you can, no matter what you receive because when there is life, there is hope.

“Gratitude is not just a word, it is a way of life” The Letters Of Gratitude

Gratitude not only makes you happier in life, but also strengthens your relationships. You will be free from the stress and pain that comes with worry and ingratitude.
Below is an exposition of the best ways you can create an attitude of gratitude in your life.

Show appreciation.
Do not take anything for granted; learn to always say thankyou whenever you receive something from anybody no matter how small. It could be a small favour or a material gift, whatever it is, always show true appreciation by looking the person straight in the eye and say “thankyou”.

Give a hug.
Hugging not only depicts love, it is also a way to showing people appreciation. When you hug people, you are simply telling them they are important and that you are happy to see them.

Remember good things.
There is a tendency for you to complain especially when facing tough situations. However you can remember certain things in your life that you are grateful for and be happy. For instance, you can remember being surrounded by a lovely family. Such an attitude will make your burdens light to bear.

Make it a habit.
One of the easiest ways to you can make gratitude a lifestyle form the habit of giving thanks for everything in your life at every point in time. Everyday, you can close your eyes and say a dozen thankyou for friends, family, job, health, food and much more.

Write a letter.
Once in a while, try to write letters to people who have done one thing or the other for you in the past. This can create a spark in their heart for you or rekindle any old feelings and will make them willing to do more.

Be grateful for life.
Always give thanks for every new day. Be grateful for seeing the morning light…you can even say a prayer to this end. Decide to be a blessing to other people and always maintain the right attitude.

Make someone happy.
You can make another person happy and important by doing something good for them. It doesn’t necessarily have to be big and you must not expect anything in return. Don’t just tell people you love them, show it!

Buy a gift.
You can cultivate gratitude by giving someone a gift anytime you have a chance to, no matter how little. This not only shows appreciation, it can also serve as a wonderful gesture.

Be thankful when facing difficult situations.
It is easy and quite normal to give thanks when all is going well. However, when you face tough situation, it becomes very difficult and the natural reaction is to complain. You can create an attitude for gratitude by saying thank you during times of adversities.

There will always be something in your life to think about and be grateful for no matter how small or big, relevant or irrelevant. Learn to give thanks in every situation. Gratitude brings out your inner strength and makes life worth living.

Life Coach Training in China | Japan | UK | Australia | New Zealand | UK

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