8 Steps to Create A Clear Vision That Will Actually Motivate You

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corporate-climb-coach-8 Steps to Create A Clear Vision That Will Actually Motivate You

Executive Coaching in Japan | China | Australia | UK | USA | Canada | New Zealand

What is Your Idea of Success?

This is one of the most important questions you could ask yourself. Do you desire riches, crave a happy relationship, or yearn to be top of your field? Chances are you will not stumble into success, especially if you aren’t even sure what that would look like for you. Designing the exact life that you want in a clear vision, a framework to attaining your dreams, gives you a much better chance of being successful. Get creative! Be bold! It is not about where you are now but where you want to be.
Here are the steps you need to create a clear vision, a strategy proven to help you better your life.
1. What Do You Want?
First identify what you want in life. What do you want to change? What do you want more of? Be it money, happiness or the perfect house, recognize what these things are and why you want them. Give this process the time it deserves, after all this is your life.

2. Don’t Half-Ass It.
Be daring! You don’t need to share this vision with anyone so don’t allow yourself to be lazy. Also, leave out the get rich quick schemes in your career goals, money is great but happiness is also a part of success.

3. Be Thorough.
Think of several different aspects of your life. What would you like to keep doing? What would you like to start? Decide on the ideal scenario for every area of your life.

4. Get All Those Ideas Out of Your Head.
Write down your thoughts extensively. Collect pictures if that better shows what you want. Use any medium you need to articulate your vision.

5. Think of the In-between.
Your vision can also act as something of a map to your dreams. You know where you’re heading and you know where you are, so what comes between those? While the main objective is to identify what you want it is also helpful to work backwards from the goals to map out the steps you’ll take to reach them.

6. Get Inspired.
This isn’t a test, no one is going to punish you for copying! Find role models and persons who have the things you want someday. Now do some stalking, well researching. Find out how they got to where they are and see if those steps could work for you.

7. Organize Your Thoughts.
Now its time to make your vision a more permanent, better organised, physical thing that you can regularly look at. I say physical thing because it can be in any form that you want. A vision board, statement or some mixture of the two. Add pictures. Decorate. Do what you need to do to ensure that you actually look at it often and it inspires you.

8. Revisit.
Keep your vision in a place where it won’t be forgotten. On your fridge or on the bathroom mirror, put it anywhere that you regularly go to. Go through your vision again and again to remind yourself not only of the specifics but of the excitement you had when making it. Don’t be afraid to tweak it as you grow as a person but never loose your excitement and vision for success.
Reading these steps will be worth nothing without action. So, stop procrastinating!
Start heading towards the successful life that you want with these simple steps.
Dream big, be enthusiastic, and create the vision you need to better your life.

Executive Coaching in UK | Canada | Australia | Japan | New Zealand | China | USA

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